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About Us | ThinkWise Intelligence

Infusing businesses with modules for innovation & growth

ThinkWise Intelligence can transform each network of tasks into an organized, profitable whole

ThinkWise Intelligence comes together with the intent of making intelligent insights a way of life for your business

We believe that the collusion of Strategy and Business Intelligence make a winning combination. With this proven analytical approach, we produce valuable market research reports. We bring them to the disposal of you, our clients, to help you make the “Best Business Judgment”.

ThinkWise Intelligence is the end product of an idea born in the minds of seasoned project leaders. Our wisdom is a culmination of 15+ years of industry experience.  During these fast-paced times, we managed and guided a multitude of projects towards glorious conclusion. We own up that the brand is new. Into it, we pour meticulous research & analysis, market sensitivity, and unique intellectual capabilities gathered over the years.

Our operating model is simple: offer value and expertise before looking for profitability. Our insights come from mature, dynamic individuals who have an admirable stature in their respective fields. We cover each industry comprehensively and offer ample evidence of our understanding – free of charge. At this early stage of demonstrating our competencies, we don’t put a price on valuable reporting.

We offer a bouquet of consulting services. We answer your questions and give you an incisive, cutting-edge commentary relevant to your industry and functional area. Where you have specific problem-statements and issues, as your knowledge partners, we bring the competency to furnish tailor-made answers.

Sample our worth before you worry about costs.


Why ThinkWise Intelligence

Consulting is a specialized service that gives direction to your business. We can become that fire-power under your wings.

We have the knowledge and deep understanding that we have duly honed over the years; at top-notch companies, no less. To you, this means we simplify the analysis and give clear pointers for decision-making.

          ₸.   Systematized research across industry verticals leaves no stone unturned

          ₸.   Comprehensive write-ups backed by numbers that tell you the whole story

          ₸.   Lucid interpretations that help you reach the crux of the crucial question, ‘What's next for your business?’

Through our astute counsel, we strengthen the functional areas of your business and support you through organizational change.


The People at Work

We are a group of young professionals with a finely-honed sense of what works in the business world. We are aware of the volumes of inefficient, shoddy research reports and misinformation floating around. It simply isn’t the environment conducive to building a business in the famous “Information Age”.

In sharp contrast, our approach brings facts into the open. We are proud of our research & analysis methods and fact-led findings. We strive to create value that speaks for our ideals.

This is one of the reasons we offer this industry intelligence freely to you: the discerning business people of today.

We, the minds behind ThinkWise Intelligence, are alumni of apex B-schools of India. Following well-rounded academic performances, we went on to make illustrious careers at multinational corporations in India. Growing from strength to strength with gumption, we helped businesses drive actionable plans for growth day after day.


What we stand for/ Our objectives

We know there is a gap in the market for well-researched, outcome-backed information. We put together methods that give pin-point accuracy to converge this gap.

As you read through our repository, you will have questions on planning, projections, and strategic decisions that are specific to your business. Our professionals are ready to handle them as they come up – in both granular and holistic points of view. We help you analyze your business life-cycle and stage. We make concrete suggestions for strategic decisions.